Minimal Categorical System and Predication Theory In Porphyry

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S. Garin


The article considers some problematic aspects of Porphyry’s typology of Aristotle’s categories and the theory of predication. Minimal (ἐλαχίστος) class of categories in Porphyry is revealed. The work has shed some light on the opposition between \(\textit{explanation}\) and \(\textit{description}\) (ἐξηγητικός / ὑπογραϕικός) within the framework of ancient categorical logic. A fourfold pattern of predication theory in Porphyry is described. The study aims to illuminate the development of Porphyry’s predication theory towards the archaic doctrine of quantifiers. Particular attention is paid to Porphyry’s account of semantic relation between sets. The paper represents Porphyry’s nine kinds of class / item relationships. The article focuses on the awakening of academic interest to the logical heritage of Porphyry.


DOI: 10.21146/2074-1472-2017-23-1-140-150


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S. Garin. Minimal Categorical System and Predication Theory In Porphyry // Логические исследования / Logical Investigations. 2017. Т. 23. № 1.
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