The Roots of Logical Hylomorphism

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E. G. Dragalina-Chernaya


The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the origin and the bounds of the schematic hylomorphism in ancient and medieval logic. The sub-purposes are fourfold. Firstly, various explications of the logical hylomorphism will be illustrated. Secondly, I propose to reevaluate certain interpretations of Aristotle’s syllogistic. I attempt to answer the question why Aristotle was not the founder of logical hylomorphism. Thirdly, I aim to qualify the schematic hylomorphism of Alexander of Aphrodisias. Finally, I focus on the medieval discussions on syncategoremata and formal consequences.

DOI: 10.21146/2074-1472-2016-22-2-59-72


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E. G. Dragalina-Chernaya. The Roots of Logical Hylomorphism // Логические исследования / Logical Investigations. 2017. Т. 22. № 2.
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