Game Theoretical Semantic for Relevant Logic

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В. Л. Васюков


In 1979 D.E. Over proposed game theoretical semantics for first-degree entailment formulated by Anderson and Belnap. In order to extend this approach to include other systems of relevant logc (e.g., R) we have two promoting facts. Firstly, there is Routley- Meyer’s situational semantic for system R of relevant logic. Secondly, this semantics shows some resemblance with W ́ojcicki’s situational semantic of non-fregean logic for which the situational game semantics was developed by author exploiting essentially the notion of non-fregean games. In the paper an attempt is done to give a partial account of these results and some conception of situational games developed which laid down into foundation of the game theoretical semantics of relevant logic R.


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В. Л. Васюков. Game Theoretical Semantic for Relevant Logic // Логические исследования / Logical Investigations. 2018. Т. 21. № 2.
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