Metascience symbols (universal characteristic)

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К. И. Бахтрияров


Leibniz called the first article “New method max- imums and minimums”. Instead of considering the realisation of the method for maximums and minimums, it should have been considered from symbolic side as the Universal characteristic. The extremums as symbols of universal language covers all infinity of the certain subjects sense of which it is. Creation of a block matrix (by means of the left tensor square) allowed to reveal macrolevel and circular arrangement of charts. And in philosophy of a science there is no other way to follow the Nature except to follow to genetics. The logic reduction of a non-classical multi-valuedness to classical binarity of the designated and anti-designated values forms overlaps from right to left and from left to right, forming a hysteresis loop arranging the circular order. The complementarity of levels generates fractality of the main table structure.


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К. И. Бахтрияров. Metascience symbols (universal characteristic) // Логические исследования / Logical Investigations. 2018. Т. 20. № 1.