Deontic ‘cocktail’ according to E. Mally’s receipt

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E. N. Lisanyuk


In 1926, Ernst Mally, an Austrian logician, has introduced a system of deontic logic in which he has proposed three fundamental distinctions which proved to be important in the context of the further development of the logic of norms. It is argued that in his philosophical considerations Mally has introduced a number of important distinctions concerning the very concept of norm, but by getting them confused in introducing the subsequent formalisms he failed to formally preserve them. In some of his philosophically made distinctions Mally apparently foresaw contemporary trends in logic of norms. To some extent this particular feature of Mally’s system open wide opportunities to reconstruct –– with the corresponding renovations — his ill-formed Deontik into many nowadays known systems of logic of norms and thus provides a fertile ground for this kind of research.


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E. N. Lisanyuk. Deontic ‘cocktail’ according to E. Mally’s receipt // Логические исследования / Logical Investigations. 2018. Т. 19. № 1.