Логическая позиционность

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К. И. Бахтияров


There are shown logic and geometrical sense of infinitely large and infinitesimal values. For the sample letters of a genetic code are taken. Symbols of universal language are entered as signs on a maximum and a minimum of hereditary variability. In the Matrix of Complementary based on non-Kronecker (left) tensor square we have blocks by the second letters. The matrix consists of 4 colours of psycho-types, each of which is in a miniature, operating as the fractal multiplier. Universal symbols show isomorphism of genetic code tables and Jung’s mental types. The non-numeric positional principle in humanitarian area offers not smaller advantages, than positional numerical arithmetics. In universal language the functional words are made of one-letter operators to realize the macrolevel of a genetic code and emphasizes the necessity to turn from the molecular level to the anthropomorphic level — from molecules to characters.


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К. И. Бахтияров. Логическая позиционность // Логические исследования / Logical Investigations. 2018. Т. 18. № 1.