The journal provides a platform for a broad discussion of the techincal and conceptual logical issues. The following headings are offered:

   1. Traditional logic.
   2. Symbolic logic (logical calculi, algebraic logic, model theory, proof theory).
   3. Non-classical logic (intuitionistic logic, modal logic, multi-valued logic, fuzzy logic, paraconsistent logic, substructural logic: including relevant logic, deontic logic, opinion logic , nonmonotonic logic, combinatorial logic and lambda calculus, quantum logic, Lesnevsky's systems, truth logic and other)
   4. Philosophy and logic (philosophy of logic, logical philosophy, ontology).
   5. Logic and language (logical analysis of the language, formal philosophy of language, linguistic foundations of logic).
   6. Applied logic (logic in computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, formal epistemology).
   7. Theory and practice of argumentation.
   8. History of logic.
   9. Analytical reviews.
   10. Reviews.