О временной логике в малоизвестной работе А. А. Маркова.


E.F. Karavaev


The purpose of this paper is to account the results of investigations of a tense-logic (a temporal logic) which is contained in one old and till recent time virtually non-noticing by logicians and philosophers work of A.A.Markov. In this work he has offered a mode of deducing of spatio-temporal structure metrics used in the theory of relativity from the relation "earlier than" axiomatized by him on the basis of introducing of a concept of "the atom of time”. This axiomatization is virtually a semantic foundation of an interesting and substantial system of tense-logic. The exposure of this fact has been made on the basis of a method of approach that was established in the philosophical logic in our country. And as it is known V.A.Smirnov was one of the founders and always one of the most brilliant representatives of our philosophical logic. In particular he has made a valuable contribution to tense-logic and its applications to the researches ofproblems of the philosophy and methodology of science.