Ситуации и смысл: не-не-фрегёвская (метафорическая) логика.


V.L. Vasyukov


The paper is continuation o f the early published work (cf. Logical Investigations, vol. 6, 1999). Semantics o f the system o f non-non-fregean (metaphorical) logics is proposed and some m etam athem atical results are obtained (soundness and completeness theorems are am ong them). It turns out that the systems o f such a kind allow to give a first order treatment o f RoutleyGriffin 's notion o f relative identity. Then a pure m etaphorical (non-suszkean) system o f logics is proposed and metaphorical situational ontology is developed being the extension o f the W olniew icz’s situational ontology. Final remarks concern the issues o f the translation o f systems proposed into LesniewskVs ontology.






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