Современное состояние исследований в философской логике.


A.S. Karpenko


In this paper is shown a number of tendencies which are essential to the contemporary development of the philosophical logic PL. Firstly, it is the fact that it contains almost all non-classical logic. Secondly, though it sounds strange, now we have the algebraization of PL going on. The third tendency, the most important one, is the approximation of different ways of human reasoning by means of deductive methods in computer programs. The reader's attention is attracted to a currently discussed problem: could it be that logic would ground of Artificial Intelligence? At last, we should pay attention to the general tendency of the development of logic at the end ofXX-the beginning of XXI centuries. A hundred years ago there was posed a problem of the foundations of mathematics. And nowadays we have a problem with the same role, namely the problem of the foundations of logic itself. The following topics correspond to it:

(i) What is a logical consequence?

(ii) What are logical conceptions (operations)?

(iii) What is a logical system?

(iv) What is a logic?