Манифест прикладного конструктивизма


N.N. Nepeivoda
A.P. Beltyukov


Manifest of constructivism, reborned. This constructive concept is in some extents more liberal and in some extents more strict than traditional ones. It is intended to join together best sides of intuitionism and Soviet constructivism and to apply the to practical problems of informatics and other domains. Main its peculiarities are:
1. Intensive use of ignorance as a positive factor.
2. Strict discrimination of constructive and descriptive reasoning both necessary for a good theory.
3. Admission of Hilbert’s program core statements.
4. Admission of actual infinity for purely descriptive considerations.
5. Transition to real constructability for many constructive considerations.
6. Dependence of constructive logics from admitted variant of constructability. Your main value dictates your logic.
7. Modestly platonistic philosophy. Ideal notions are not invented, they are discovered, but human cannot reach any absolute idea.
8. Scientific anti-monopolism and anti-globalism. Human cannot invent something absolute.
9. Anti-relativism. We are to choose the best tool for our problem and quality of its solution is determined mainly by quality of means applied. There is no «freedom of choice» for truly creative and responsible subject. His/her decisions are forced by well understood necessity.