Discussions about the Logical Doctrine of Boethius in Modern Foreign Literature


L. G. Tonoyan


With the development of symbolic logic in the foreign literature in the XX century, new approaches to Boethius treatise “On the hypothetical syllogism” and attempts to introduce a hypothetical system of Boethius as a variant of propositional logic appear. As a result of these attempts to modernize the teaching of Boethius there was a discussion about the question whether Boethius developed Stoic logic, which is considered to be the forerunner of propositional logic, or logic of peripatetics, built on different principles. The article reviews the approaches of K. Durr, W. Kneale and M. Kneale, Jonathan Barnes, Eleonore Stump, C. Martin, A. Speca, J. Marenbon, and others. The objective of the article is to compare the main points of view of this scientific discussion, and the author’s goal is to clarify the nature and specifics of the teachings of Boethius’ hypothetical syllogisms.






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