Undecidability of Modal Logics of Unary Predicate


M. N. Rybakov


We consider first-order modal logics with unary predicate letters only. We show that any sublogic of ${\bf QS5}, {\bf QGLLin}$ or ${\bf QGrz.3}$ is undecidable in the language with just one unary predicate letter (with or without Barcan formula). We also show that logics of finite Kripke models (with expanding or constant domains) for ${\bf QK}, {\bf QT}, {\bf QD}, {\bf QK4}, {\bf QS4}, {\bf QS5}, {\bf QGL}, {\bf QGrz}$ , and some others are not recursively enumerable in the language with one unary letter. Nevertheless tabular logics and mlogics of Kripke frames with restrictions on the number of worlds accessible from any world are decidable in the language with infinitely many unary predicate letters.
DOI: 10.21146/2074-1472-2017-23-2-60-75






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