Potoses: Categorical Paraconsistent Universum for Paraconsistent Logic and Mathematics


V. L. Vasyukov


It is well-known that the concept of da Costa algebra [3] reects most of the logical properties of paraconsistent propositional calculi $C_{n},1\leq n\leq \omega $ introduced by $N.C.A.$ da Costa. In [10] the construction of topos of functors from a small category to the category of sets was proposed which allows to yield the categorical semantics for da Costa's paraconsistent logic. Another categorical semantics for $C_{n}$ would be obtained by introducing the concept of $\textit{potos}$ { the categorical counterpart of da Costa algebra (the name "potos" is borrowed from W.Carnielli's story of the idea of such kind of categories)
DOI: 10.21146/2074-1472-2017-23-2-76-95






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