Quantum categories for quantum logic


Vladimir Vasyukov


The paper is the contribution to quantum toposophy focusing on the abstract orthomodular structures (following Dunn-Moss-Wang terminology). Early quantum toposophical approach to "abstract quantum logic" was proposed based on the topos of functors $\mathsf{[E,Sets]}$ where $\mathsf{E}$ is a so-called orthomodular preorder category – a modification of categorically rewritten orthomodular lattice (taking into account that like any lattice it will be a finite co-complete preorder category). In the paper another kind of categorical semantics of quantum logic is discussed which is based on the modification of the topos construction itself – so called $quantos$ – which would be evaluated as a non-classical modification of topos with some extra structure allowing to take into consideration the peculiarity of negation in orthomodular quantum logic. The algebra of subobjects of quantos is not the Heyting algebra but an orthomodular lattice. Quantoses might be apprehended as an abstract reflection of Landsman's proposal of "Bohrification", i.e., the mathematical interpretation of Bohr's classical concepts by commutative $C^*$-algebras, which in turn are studied in their quantum habitat of noncommutative $C^*$-algebras – more fundamental structures than commutative $C^*$-algebras. The Bohrification suggests that topos-theoretic approach also should be modified. Since topos by its nature is an intuitionistic construction then Bohrification in abstract case should be transformed in an application of categorical structure based on an orthomodular lattice which is more general construction than Heyting algebra – orthomodular lattices are non-distributive while Heyting algebras are distributive ones. Toposes thus should be studied in their quantum habitat of "orthomodular" categories i.e. of quntoses. Also an interpretation of some well-known systems of orthomodular quantum logic in quantos of functors $\mathsf{[E,QSets]}$ is constructed where $\mathsf{QSets}$ is a quantos (not a topos) of quantum sets. The completeness of those systems in respect to the semantics proposed is proved.




Non-classical logics


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