Forgiveness as a speech act in propositional dynamic logic


Gleb V. Karpov


The article investigates the phenomenon of forgiveness in the context of speech act theory. The author researches the performative accounts of forgiveness and concludes that none of them is a consistent application of speech act theory to the corresponding phenomena, and none of them deals with the forgiveness in its substance. Using the formally and logically oriented approach the author reveals the falsity of the hypothesis which argues that there is a possibility of some compositive approach to forgiveness within the scope of speech act theory embracing comissive and declarative accounts. Based on types of illocutionary acts definitions and the semantics of propositional dynamic logic the new formal approach to forgiveness is proposed; being applied to forgiveness it shows the difference between the refraining activity from pardoning and activity of non-giving a pardon. Within the framework of this approach, ideas of agentive domains, as well as the idea of types of actions concerning a degree of its nestedness, are introduced.




Philosophy and Logic



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