This issue presents works related to philosophical and non-classical logics, and to the history of logic.M. Legeido introduces the reader to intensional semantics for some systems of positive syllogism. V. Markin draws attention to the use of existence judgements in the past and analyses their connection with syllogistics. V. Shalak, in continuation of the work on procedural ontology, highlights its elements which can be used in the construction of the corresponding logic. L. Devyatki and N. Tomova publish new results concerning the expressive possibilities of parapoinconsistent and parapole logics, as well as the criteria of paranormality. The result of M. Rybakov and D. Shkatov consists in proving the insolubility of two logics in a language with a single singular predicate symbol, two variables and a temporal operator. The article of I. Annelis and V. Bazhanov deals with the image of Russian logic and logicians in the West in the second half of the last century. The issue closes with the first part of a detailed analytical review of temporal logic systems, compiled by O. Grigoriev.

Published: 19.12.2021