All papers of the second issue for 2022 are devoted to problematic topics. L. Devyatkin's work presents a non-classical view of the nature of truth values. He has shown that it is possible to construct bivalent semantics for logics, regarding which it was previously thought that this was impossible. N. Tomova has prepared a review paper on various criteria for the paraconsistency of logical systems. Special attention in the work is paid to paraconsistent negation. I. Gorbunov explores the connection between the deduction theorem and the logical consequence relation. A. Pechenkin's paper is devoted to the debatable issue of logic as an empirical science. If the classical predicate calculus is the logic of classical mechanics, then quantum logic allows us to formulate some conceptual problems of quantum mechanics. The paper by F. Badie is devoted to the search for an answer to the logical and philosophical question regarding the relationship between the basic descriptions of the world in Description Logic and special nominal descriptions. V. Shalak analyzes the concept of purposeful behavior and elementary steps from which it is formed by means of combined temporal and dynamic logic.

Published: 13.01.2023