The first issue for 2022 opens with a paper devoted to an attempt to logically comprehend the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. The author sees a way out in the involvement of the apparatus of paraconsistent logics.

The paper by A. Alekseeva, using the example of M. Petrovich's “Logic”, examines the penetration and consolidation of logical terminology in the Russian language. Two other works are devoted to the influence of Aristotle's logic on Byzantine thought and views on the nature of logic and its difference from rhetoric in the Padua school.

Konkova supplements Vasiliev's Imaginary Logic with an analysis of the figure IV of syllogisms, which was not previously considered. The paper by D. Skvortsov is devoted to the question of the structure of superintuitionistic logics. Algorithmic complexity and undecidability of special fragments of predicate logic are analyzed in M. Rybakov's paper. Weijun Shi analyzes topological, algebraic and combined methods of proving the compactness theorem for classical logic.

Published: 27.05.2023