We open a new section of the journal entitled "Discussions", which will contain works that are devoted to controversial views on the problems of logic.

In this issue, Yu. Ivlev explains his point of view on the subject and future prospects of development of logic, and N. Nepejvoda makes his case regarding formalization as an integral part of the logical approach to solving problems.

A detailed review of the works on the relationship between the logical entailment , the operation of adding consequences and lattices of theories is given in the article by I. Gorbunov. V. Vorobyev and Kopylova's articles deal with the history of ancient and medieval logic. Various properties of many-valued logics are considered in the works of Belikov and N. Tomova. Equivalent formulations of the well-known Goldbach problem in terms of many-valued logical matrices are proposed by N. Prelovskiy. V. Shalack's work is devoted to the problem of opposition of analysis and deduction.

Published: 30.05.2018