In the present volume we continue to get the readers acquainted with the logical legacy of Byzantine thinkers. The logical ideas of XII century orator and scholar Theodore Prodromos, which he expressed in the treatise "On Great and Small", are investigated in the paper by O. Goncharko, Ya. Slinin and D. Chernoglazov.

An original outlook of Aristotle's ontological square is presented in the paper by V. Dolgorukov and A. Kopylova. Type-theoretical analysis of universals and particulars, substances and accidents allows for better understanding of Aristotle's metaphysical views and their connection to the basic concepts of modern logic.

In June 2018 the first online workshop with the participation of foreign logicians was held. Prof. N. Alechina from University of Nottingham, Great Britain, delivered a report. The report was devoted to assessment of verification complexity in models of formulas in special epistemic coalition logic. This work lies in line with the rising trend of Social Software and may be of interest to many logicians.

Moreover, the volume presents extended versions of reports delivered at the First Congress of RSHPS in September 2018.

Published: 10.10.2018